Scoop Competitions

Get creative for your chance to be published in the next issue of Scoop! Take your pick from the following three opportunities, or try your hand at all of them.

The Super-duper Scooper Short Story Project

Announcing the Super-duper Scooper Short Story Project!
We at Scoop love our readers to get involved with our magazine, and we LOVE discovering new writing talent. So if you are, or if you know, someone who’s thirteen or under who’d like the chance to be published in a future issue of Scoop, simply write a short story of up to 250 words about ANYTHING!

Need inspiration? Here are some prompts to get young writers thinking …

1) Story-starter lines:

a) I opened the door and burst out laughing when …

b) After hearing the howl for a second time, I just knew …

c) ‘Stop!’ shouted the stranger. ‘I believe this belongs to you.’

2) Main characters:

a) A scientist researching prehistoric animals

b) An aspiring professional footballer

c) Your best friend

3) Sensational settings and mysterious objects

a) A suitcase left in the deep, dark, woods

b) A doll sitting on a park bench

c) An old map left on a train

We look forward to reading oodles of Super-duper Scooper Stories!

(NB We haven’t set a deadline as we’re keen to make this an ongoing project.)


Scoop Readers’ Book Reviews

If you would like to write a book review for us and receive a free book, please let us know. At this stage we can’t send books to everyone so you need to write one line about why you want to review and if we’re intrigued we’ll send a book in the post for you to read and review. The lead review will be published in the magazine and runners-up will be published on the website. If you have a book in mind that you already own and would like to review for us, please let us know. You need your parent’s/guardian’s permission so get that first and then email us at:

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Scoop Readers’ Editorial Board to take part in meetings and make suggestions about how we can make Scoop the magazine for your generation, please get in touch at: We have limited places so there will be a small application process.

Past winners and Runners-up